A State Of Misery
About Puppy Mills

As I sit in my timeless cage
While my whole life just waste away
I don't know too much about
The world outside

But I know there's something very wrong
My heart just sings a sad old song
And I don't know why my life goes on
And I feel no pride

This is life in a puppymill
I want to run and play but I never will
To be cadged is sad but sadder still
Is to live your life in a puppymill

I live in fear, I'm afraid of men
I don't know how to be a friend
'Cause I've never been outside this pen
Just to lie in the sun

My eyes are blind and my feet are splayed
My coat is soiled and my teeth decade
I'm a victim of the puppy trade
And I have no one


No shelter from the bitter cold
No soothing touch when I get old
No one there to bless my sole
When I die

I'm just a dog, I'm not a man
And I will never understand
Why life should have to be so cruel
And so confined

© 2001, 2012, Stephen R. Wood

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"A State of Misery" was written and recorded specifically for the "Dog Dreams" CD, to help finance the rescue of dogs from kill shelters and puppymills throughout the United States.

Because they are raising dogs with nothing but profit in mind, people who run puppymills do not treat their dogs as you or I would. They are housed in cages, often with wire bottoms (to make it easier to clean). This will cause a dog's feet to "break down". Their appearance is sort of smashed and flat looking. The cages are usually stacked one on top of the other, to fit more in to the space available. The waste of the dogs in the upper cages drops into the cages below. This is not only unsanitary, it can cause urine burns - sometimes damaging the eyes of the dogs in the lower cages.

The dogs are not handled except when being moved from place to place, and when their puppies are taken away - barely old enough to leave their mothers. Because of this lack of human interaction, most puppymill dogs are hesitant to allow themselves to be touched. They simply do not trust that they will be gently handled.

The puppies also miss the important lessons in dog behavior their mothers would normally teach them. They can sometimes play too rough for even big dogs to handle. They tend to bite too hard in play, and to be "out of control".

Rescued mill dogs are often found to have health problems stemming from a life of neglect and poor food. They will lose many of their teeth during their first dental cleaning. Some lose all of their teeth and have nothing to keep their tongue in their mouth! Another life threatening side effect of tartar build-up on teeth over a long period, is kidney disease.

Amazing as it seems though, These dogs can be every bit as good a companion as any other, and seem to understand that they have survived Hell on Earth.

If you would like to learn more about puppy mills, dog rescue or adoption, please visit:

Ratbone Rescues

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