Analog Man
Aout Analog Man
Analog Man,
The digital revolution is at hand,
And everybody seems to think it's grand,
across the land,
Analog Man.

Analog Man,
The digital world would like to do you in,
But they don't know,
they just don't understand,
Nothing works without your analog plan,
Analog Man.

Analog Man,
You're still the king and you're still in demand,
We need you more than ever,
lead the band,
You know you can,
Analog Man.



It's been so digital lately
Those ones and zeros hate me
Come on and modulate me

© 2001, 2012, Stephen R. Wood

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I guess, lyrically speaking, Analog Man could be interpreted as either a protest song or a tribute. It protests the way society has been programmed to believe that anything "digital" in nature is vastly superior to anything "analog" in nature. These terms most often apply to electronic devices and systems. And while it is true that, in the last couple of decades, advancements in digital electronics have brought the world some very cool stuff, the problem I have is with the way these things are presented to the world. There always seems to be some phrasing in the ad copy or product release statements that degrades or even slanders analog technology in general. The natural conclusion one would tend to reach, as a result of so much media hype, is that the people who work with analog technology (e.g. analog scientist, engineers and technicians) are somehow a notch or two "below" the digital technologist in the world. As an electronics engineer who has done as much digital circuit design as analog, I know all too well that analog electronics is far more vast and complex than digital ever has been. I also know that without analog electronic technology, there simply would be no digital electronics. That's right! Even those millions of transistors in that big, bad, (digital) microprocessor inside your computer, are ANALOG devices at heart. Sure, they're optimized to work best in that "non- linear" or "switch-mode" (digital) application. But they are, nevertheless, analog at heart! And they owe their existence to analog technologist!

And that's where the tribute part comes in. Obvious, right? Analog Man is a tribute to the analog technologists of the world.

But in the end, they're just lyrics. It's just a song. One that I truly hope you'll enjoy!

And here's a bit of irony for you. Analog Man is a purely digital recording! LOL!

Steve Wood

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