Angel Lights
Basil Trot

Iíve been a lucky man itís so,
A lot of little friends to know,
They come to me to soothe my soul,
But then I have to watch them go

Their little lives are short it seems,
And fleeting like my favorite dreams,
I hope they know just what it means,
To have them love me so

I look into those aging eyes,
So full of love they mesmerize,
And what I see is no surprise,
Itís heavenís light that glows

I see the angel lights,
It makes my heart take flight,
And soar the highest heights,
To see those angel lights

I see the angel lights,
The purest love in sight,
It stirs my soul tonight,
To see those angel lights

© 2007, 2012 Stephen R. Wood



He?s a happy, happy boy,
I love to watch him show his joy,
Watch him do the Basil trot,
It?s a little doggie rock

When he?s really feeling fine,
You can see his light just shine,
He?s a puppy full of joy,
That?s my little Basil boy

He likes to feel good,
You know we all should,
Forget about the clock,
Let?s do some doggie rock

Just let your self go,
No worries don?t you know,
Now sniff a smell and wag your tail,
And spin around just like a top

Doggie rock, doggie rock
Everybody do the Basil trot
Doggie rock, doggie rock
Everybody sing it, bow-wow

© 2007, 2012, Stephen R. Wood



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