Ego War
Jammin' With the Dolphins

Can't fight no more
In your ego war

My soul is wounded
And my heart is sore

I won't surrender
To the battle roar

Can't fight no more
In your ego war

Change is coming
We can't keep running
This pointless race
At this deadly pace

There's a new dawn gleaming
With love light streaming
And it's on the way
{It's here to stay}
So I gotta say that I

© 2006, 2012 Stephen R. Wood



You and me
Well we think we know
Why the world goes round
And the wind does blow

But it's just insane
And it brings me pain
How we rape this earth
It?s a crying shame

We got a lot to learn
It's big concern
So we're lookin' for the truth
While the world still turns

But it's spinnin' pretty fast
And it may not last
If we don't figure out
How to get our foots off the gas

Jammin with the dolphins
{I do it often}
I aint talkin' 'bout no football team

{Ill be}
Jammin with the dolphins
{Keeps me feeling awesome}
Talkin bout the wise ones that live in the sea

{Keep me}
Jammin with the dolphins
Maybe some of that smarts'll just rub off on me

{While I'm}
Jammin' with the dolphins
Talkin' 'bout the wise ones that live in the sea

It seems to me
It's our history
To be killing each other
The land and seas

And it's truly insane
How we play this game
Of peace and war
And guilt and blame

We got a lot to learn
It's a big concern
And we gotta face the truth
Or the world may burn

It's a daunting task
It's a lot to ask
So we better work together
And do it fast

© 2004, 2012, Stephen R. Wood



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