Sea of Storm
Something New
There's a storm brewin'
Been some wrong doin'
Thunder clouds in the sky and the sea is stewin'

There's a bad wind
And it's blowing in
And that sea-sick feeling is back again

You know we've got to turn this ship around
Weigh anchor now and sail for peaceful ground
We're listing and we'll soon be sinking down
If we don't turn this ship around

See the lightning flashin'
Hear the thunder crashin'
Soon our love will start to take a bashin'

We should seek mooring
better heed the warning
It may be too late by morning

© 2001,2012, Stephen R. Wood

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I love the spring time
Just feel the sunshine
The world is new
and it keeps me feeling so fine

It makes me want to play
And be with you all day
Can't help but feel this way,
I think this feeling's here to stay

You're such a sweet thing
You are why the birds sing
Come on over here
and let me make your bell ring

Come help me sing my song
Don't make me wait too long
This feeling is so strong
you know it just can't be wrong

Why don't we start something new
(me and you)
I want to make love to you
(yes it's true)
Beneath the spring skies of blue
(just we two)
Come on let's start something new
(some-thing new)

And when the night falls
We'll hear the crickets call
We'll have the stars
in the sky up above it all

We'll share each other's dreams
Strawberries and ice cream
We'll take a walk
holding hands in the moonbeams

We'll stroll along the shore
And hear the ocean softly roar
We'll write our names in the sand
and then we'll kiss some more

We'll watch the fire flies
They'll sparkle in your eyes
And we'll make love
through the night until the sunrise

© 2002,2012, Stephen R. Wood

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