Oh so many souls,
she looks at their faces.
What are they thinking,
all the people in their places.

She lost her way,
for a while just got off track.
How’d it slip away,
now it’s time to get it back.

Oh, on a sunny Saturday.

She packs her bags,
Throws out the broken and the old.
Leaves the rest behind,
and walks away from the cold.

It’s been a long time,
The world seems a little lighter.
She breathes in the freedom,
even shadows are brighter.

Morning rays shine down
on this new day.
A sunny Saturday,
oh, it’s a sunny Saturday.


Blue skies, she smiles,
The world seems a little lighter.
She breathes in the freedom,
even shadows are brighter.

Running with the warm wind,
sunshine lights the way.
On her way back home,
on a sunny Saturday.

Oh, on a sunny Saturday
It’s a sunny Saturday...
© 2003, 2006 Kim M. Brunner

(chorus a)
Time to journey down the Autumn River
Dust off your dreams and bring them along
Healing water takes us where we need to go
Leave your worries, and sing a song

Feeling low, feeling down
All is lost and nothing found
Lost your purpose, run aground
Listen closely, how sweet the sound

(chorus b)
Time to journey down the Autumn River
Shed all your fears and just come along
Gentle currents sooth your battered, fragile soul
Feel the magic, and sing your song

Hope is gone, all is faded
You're a mess and feeling dated
Nothing matters, so frustrated
Bask in starlight, illuminated


(chorus a)

All the doubts, all the pain
Melt away in cleansing rain
Renewed spirit, feeling sane
A new life, so much to gain

(chorus b)

(chorus a)
© 2003, 2006 Kim M. Brunner

Steve recorded an instrumental one rainy Saturday that he called “Soggy Saturday.” But before he released it under the artist name PolyAxis, he changed the name to “Sunny Saturday” saying it sounded too happy to be called Soggy Saturday. Soon after that, Kim wrote and recorded these cool lyrics and “A Sunny Saturday” was born.
Another rocker ~ crank it up!
Autumn River was Steve and Kim's first cowritten song. Steve wrote and recorded the music while Kim wrote the lyrics and lyrical melody. Then Kim recorded her vocals over a mix of the instrumental tracks. The two of them worked on the arrangement throughout the process. Pete Brunner played congas on this one and does all the recording at Kim's end of the long-distance collaboration.